Medical calamities and other medical products recall have been swarming on us lately. However, in the case of DePuy’s hip replacement recall, medical experts believe that it’s incomparable to recall and calamities happening on other medical products. Here is why. Medical disaster is how these medical experts explain the current situation DePuy is having.

One may think that calling the DePuy situation a disaster is a bit too much. But according to Dr. Norman Joyce from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, “It’s the biggest disaster in the history of orthopedics. To think here we are in the 21st century, in 2011, that we have such major failures. This has major implications around the world.” With this, it might be quite appropriate to call this situation a disaster. Furthermore, these thoughts were already explained to the people affected of the DePuy hip replacement recall situation.

If we may recall some facts about the DePuy recall, we all know that it all started from its high failure rate which means a failure in terms of giving medical aid to the patient which is its primary role. Then, a lot of people had to undergo a very hard revision surgery. DePuy sold about 93, 000 units of this failing device and it was found out that around 49% of users are at risk of experiencing the failing of the device they are using.

If you are one of those people who have been affected by the sufferings that is brought about by this failing prosthetic device, never ever settle when the manufacturer offers you a direct compensation. They might be offered you less of what you deserve from this DePuy medical disaster. It is always best to call a lawyer.